Data steward workbench

Are you looking to pursue a Data Stewardship program?

Zeenea offers a workbench for Data Stewards to improve their data’s documentation and thus, the knowledge on their quality.
As data governance sponsors, their role is to guide and influence other data citizens and data explorers in implementing the changes necessary to create a Data Democracy.

Discover the metadata workbench for Data Stewards

Configure metamodels

Customize your asset’s documentation

With Zeenea, completely personalize your datasets documentation layout! 

This “custom layout” is the first step to a tool that we wish to be as modular and non-intrusive as possible


Democratize your assets with our data catalog

Create a single source of truth!

Through our scanners, Zeenea inventories and exposes all datasets available in your enterprise’s storage systems whether it be Cloud providers, relational / non-relational storages or data lakes.

Zeenea curates various assets such as:

  • Datasets
  • Data processes
  • Business Terms


Give more context to your data

Zeenea imports all existing documentation within the enterprise’s storages.

Powered by automation, Zeenea updates documentation if there are any changes.

The Data Steward can therefore, to their knowledge, add business context to their data and:

  • Create a taxonomy of research
  • Link business terms
  • Associate contacts

Learn more about the types of metadata


Have greater visibility across all data assets

Monitor the general documentation of datasets, connected data storages or the retention of users.

With Zeenea, Data Stewards are notified when information is added, deleted, or changed. 

All this with intuitive dashboards that allow Data Stewards to visualize and monitor their perimeter in a simple way.

Learn more about Data Stewardship

The Data Steward's metadata management tool

Managing data in a user-friendly manner. Centralizing and unifying all metadata. Making data accessible for users based on their sensitivity. Informing a data set’s quality. All of this in just a few clicks!

Who are Data Stewards?

Digital transformations bring about new challenges in the data industry. We are increasingly talking about data stewardship;  an activity focused around data management and documentation of an organization. 

The multiple facets of the Data Steward

In practice, Data Stewardship covers a wide range of responsibilities, depending on the maturity level of the organization. We can organize these responsibilities in four broad categories.

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