The next generation of available applications on the market wants to be as modular as possible! This approach aims to offer customizable semantics and a non-intrusive construction in order to make their reading and integration more fluide in your environment.

To know more about the subject, this article defines this new wave of software: Why Modular Productivity Softwares Are Only Just Beginning ?

With this shared conviction, we develop a data catalog that will allow you, freely, to completely personalize your datasets documentation layout and thus, help you progress step by step.

In this latest product release, we offer  the possibility to redesign with a modular approach your properties construction.


Definitions associated with a data catalog


  • Dataset: a collection of data, commonly corresponding to a database table
  • Category: a category brings together different datasets grouped together by a Zeenea administrator based on their business or technical goal.
  • Process: the activities that led to the creation of a specific dataset.
  • Properties: a set of information giving context to a category, dataset or process.


Modular properties:

Zeenea automatically captures and updates technical and operation metadata from an enterprise’s data sources in its data catalog.  Our tool also allows you to add and configure – at the hand of the data catalog’s administrator –  to overlay information (information that can be mandatory or not) on Zeenea’s cataloged datasets. This additional information, we call them properties! This contextual information is mainly referred to business and operational documentation.

Some examples of additional properties could be:

  • a data’s sensitivity level
  • how frequent a dataset is updated in Zeenea
  • the business unit
  • Etc.

Via this approach, we offer to the tool’s administrator a simple and modular way to configure documentation templates according to the enterprise’s objectives and priorities.


What does the future hold?

This “custom layout” is the first step to a tool that we wish to be as modular and non-intrusive as possible!

We want to offer a data catalog that will adapt to your organization and not the other way around.

We will propose pre-configured property templates for administrators and automate tedious actions to increase productivity.

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