It is for this very reason that Zeenea is the enterprise’s metadata catalog. In other words, Zeenea references intrinsic metadata of various cataloged data sets  and allows you to personalize certain fields. What are they?

A dataset’s metadata


The various users of the catalog (where information is synched with an LDAP repository) can be associated with different data sets with a certain level of responsibility (configurable roles).


A properties system in the form of a key/value (configurable), which allows you to create a bona fide documentation data template.


A tags system lets you create an authentic taxonomy within the catalog.

Metadata on dataset categories

Data set categories allow you to organize the catalog and logically regroup data sets by technical validity or by business use.

In the same way as for a data set, categories have their own metadata. Who is the referent contact of the category? What are the associated properties? What tags should be assigned to it? Etc.

Metadata on a dataset’s diagram

The representation of cataloged data sets’ diagram in Zeenea allows you to annotate the attributes of data sets (in columns) by the help of metadata (business name, descriptions, tags, sensitivity level, etc.).


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