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 Our mission:

“To be the first step OF any data journey”

Zeenea was founded in 2017 by its four founders, Luc Legardeur, Stéphane Jotic, Julien Buret, and Guillaume Bodet based on the principle, “data must be mastered so that enterprises can innovate.”

Our startup is the result of field experience that these co-founders had encountered in their careers as data experts.

As a French Tech startup, Zeenea’s headquarters is in the heart of Paris, at Boulevard Haussmann near the Paris Opera in the 8th arrondissement.

The team


At Zeenea, we work hard to create a data fluent world by providing our customers with the tools and services that allow enterprises to be data-driven

Our metadata management platform and our team’s ambition is to bring people together through a common language in order to successfully implement a data culture that is suitable for their needs. 

We strongly believe that a metadata management platform is an essential tool for building a data-driven culture within an organization. By centralizing and unifying all data assets within a single platform, all data users become autonomous in their data exploration and discovery. 

At Zeenea, we promote agile data governance, and the implementation of a data democracy where people are at the heart of any data project.

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